Porcelain & Pewter

by Vyxor

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Together, Porcelain & Pewter and Rich Dark Glass form a musical diptych, a linked pair of theatrical sci-fi scenarios. Humans are built from glass, plastic, and soft metals. It’s easy to alter what you’re made of. A clutter of bells and the pulse of light machinery weave into blippy filigree and tenor vocals. Big melodies and pop posturing float above flashy arrangements. Changes occur.

Vyxor’s previous album, Nocturne Feveron, is a through-composed piece about a fever dream. He also writes musicals and remixes his favorite artists.



released August 13, 2012

written and performed :: Tyler Burton
artwork :: Michael Rousselet
mastered :: Justin Sachs



all rights reserved


Young Latitudes Madrid, Spain


Label/Collective based in Madrid & Mexico DF

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Track Name: Porcelain & Pewter
Days of flying over the cities
I'm shot through tubes and through tunnels
but the traveling's pretty
I like the metal it moves me
I like the engine it moves me
I like machinery that moves me

gold city
abandoned city
sunken city
forgotten city

Everyone lives forever
nobody ever changes
that's the way our life is
cold and metal kisses
ride above the ocean
look down at the islands
space becomes an island

and now my heart
is pulled is stretched like elastic
like porcelain and pewter
and it cracks
like a bell, like a song
like the moon
it's what you love to do

against the window
I float outside
the sunspots in my eyes
no sound no air no heat
no pressure here

I step into space
feel the light graze across my face
and I tap my oxygen gauge
to make sure I'm still awake
and I close my eyes
Track Name: Rich Dark Glass
Milk-faced in the sun
now the beads run down that porcelain
and pewter of a plastic computer
got the marble bloom and color rush
smeary smile and facey flush
you're feeling that motion
concealing your heart bursting
back and forth like a pinball
and you know why

'cause when you pour your heart into it
like you pour the liquid into the mold
you've got so much to answer for
and stare at the rich thick glass
rich dark glass
'cause you're made of material
you're made of the best kind of material
rich thick glass
rich dark glass

now get a move on
change your makeup
your chemical makeup

gonna make that move
break character and other delicate things
make the marble bloom and the color rush

when you apply appropriate pressure
you'll cleave with copious quantities
and re-arrange your components and machinery